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AlyssaAlyssa Crowley

My name is Alyssa Crowley and I am a fourth year Applied Linguistics major with Spanish and Anthropology minors. I speak English and Spanish, some basic Chinese, and am going to take ASL in the fall! I I am interested in both first and second language acquisition, and after graduation I hope to further my education in graduate school. Around UCLA I spend my time working as a swim instructor/lifeguard, volunteering with Hablamos Juntos, and spending time with my friends!

Joo HeeJoo Hee Eom

My name is Joo Hee Eom and I’m a fourth year Linguistics major with a minor in Cognitive Science. I speak English and Korean, and I’ve taken classes in Spanish and German. My academic interests include laboratory phonology/phonetics, speech pathology, teaching English, and Speech Recognition. I plan to go to graduate school to become a speech pathologist or work at a tech company as a linguist. My favorite sports are Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Taekwondo and surfing. I also like cooking, baking, and playing guitar or ukulele.



Hillary2Hillary FitzMaurice

My name is Hillary FitzMaurice and I’m a fourth year Applied Linguistics major at UCLA. I am fascinated by language acquisition and second language acquisition. I plan to teach English as a foreign language abroad after completing my degree, and eventually to teach English as a second language at a community college. I love to read, practice yoga, and ride my bike. 



madelineMadeline Foglia

Hello! My name is Madeline Foglia and I am a fourth year double major in Applied Linguistics, and Italian and Linguistics. I speak English, Italian, French, and some Spanish, and I am very interested in how people acquire language, whether they are adults or infants. I aspire to be either a speech pathologist, or a high school teacher. When I am not helping in the Language Lab, I work on campus at a coffee shop! In my free time, I like to spend time with friends, go to the beach, and cook Italian food. 



JenniferJennifer Gethers

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am a third year double major in Linguistics and in German. I speak English and German, a little bit of Italian, and I am taking Japanese right now. I am very interested in languages and language acquisition, and after UCLA I plan to go to graduate school in order to eventually work with children as a speech pathologist. I also work in UCLA Residential Life and in my free time I enjoy being with friends and family, watching football and basketball, and playing soccer and lacrosse!


DanielleDanielle Green

My name is Danielle Green and I am a fourth year Applied Linguistics major and Education Studies minor at UCLA. Language acquisition and education has always been an interest of mine and I hope to spend some time abroad teaching English as a second language, either to children or adults. After I graduate, I aspire to continue my academic career by attending graduate school to become a speech pathologist. In my free time, I like to travel, try new foods, go to the beach, hike and spend time with my family and friends.


DamarisDamaris Perez

Hello! My name is Damaris Perez and I'm a fourth year Linguistics and Psychology major with a minor in Education. I'm very interested in language acquisition and communication disorders in children. In the future, I hope to become a speech pathologist and assist individuals who are struggling with speech disorders. Outside of the Lab, I work as an office assistant and enjoy baking, bike riding and spending quality time with my family.



Michel CroppedMichel Wong

Hello! My name is Michel Wong and I am a third year student majoring in Linguistics & Psychology at UCLA. I am interested in second-language acquisition, and I hope to become a speech pathologist to help people overcome communication difficulties. I love learning languages. I studied Japanese last year, and I am currently working on German. I love traveling, running, playing piano and guitar. I like meeting new people, too!