Cómo unirse a nuestro laboratorio

Prospective graduate students interested in conducting language acquisition research should apply to the PhD program in Linguistics, and describe your particular research interests and how they intersect with the research questions that we study here. More information can be found on the faculty pages of Megha Sundara, Nina Hyams and Laurel Perkins.

We also support undergraduate Research Assistants who are interested in gaining research experience. RA responsibilities are wide ranging and include everything from recruiting participants to analyzing data.

If you are interested in being an RA please send a copy of your CV or Resume and a list of your available hours to uclalanguagelab@gmail.com. RAs are expected to volunteer for a minimum of 6 hours a week and make a commitment for two quarters.

If you have questions, contact the Language Lab manager:

(323) 364-8845

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