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Chad Vicenik

Chad Vicenik

I have recently completed my Ph.D in Linguistics. I am interested in intonation and how it relates to early acquisition of language, including language discrimination and word segmentation. I also work on the intonational phonology of adults. I am a former set designer and the main architect behind the castle façade on the baby sound booth.

Chad Vicenik's Homepage

Kristi2Kristi Hendrickson

I am the lab manager here at the Language Lab. I received my B.A. in Psychology and Political Science from UC Davis, where I researched spatial and temporal visual attention in typically and atypically developing babies. My interests lie in infants’ intermodal perception. I hope to enter a PhD program in Developmental Psychology next Fall.



Anya2     Anya Mancillas

I received my B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Linguistics from San Diego State University, where I worked in a lab researching how early language development relates to school readiness in monolingual English, Spanish and Biliingual toddlers. My interest lie in language aquisiton, especially bilingual language aqusition. I hope to enroll in graduate school and pursue  a career in Speech-Language Pathology.



 Robyn Orfitelli

I recently finished my Ph.D in Linguistics at UCLA. My dissertation, and most of research, is on how children acquire complex grammatical structures, and what acquisition can tell us about adult language. I am also interested in second language acquisition by adults and children, and how it is similar or different to language acquisition by children.

Robyn Orfitelli's website

Adrienne Scutellaro

Adrienne came to UCLA after receiving her Ed. M from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is interested in linguistic and cognitive development from infancy through early childhood. She currently is a graduate student in Developmental Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.


Hadley croppedHadley Stork

Hello! My name is Hadley Stork (née Vogt). I worked in the lab as a Research Assistant for two years while I was an undergraduate at UCLA. I then worked at Google/Adecco for a bit before returning to Los Angeles to earn a Master's in Linguistics at CSUN. My linguistic research focuses on how children learn languages, particularly how they learn the sounds of a language. When I am not doing linguistic work, I am usually watching movies with my film scholar husband or trying out new cuisine.

Flavia AdaniFlavia Adani

Flavia was a visiting graduate student in our department in 2007 and she is currently collaborating with us on the project investigating early comprehension of relative clauses with infants. Flavia has her PhD in Experimental Psychology and Linguistics from the University Milano-Bicocca (Italy). She was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique (EHESS-DEC-ENS-CNRS) in Paris.  Currently Flavia is a Junior Professor in Developmental Language Disorders in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Potsdam, Germany.

Flavia Adani's Webpage

yunyun_babyYun Kim

I am a first year linguistics graduate student. I am interested in infants’ speech perception, especially their ability to segment and categorize words as well as phoneme/feature acquisition and its role in word learning. I am currently working on the effect of function words in segmenting nouns.

Victoria Thatte

I'm a 6th year PhD student focusing on phonological acquisition, though I'm also interested in theoretical phonology, language contact phenomena, and psycholinguistics. I hope to teach either Linguistics or English as a Second Language, or both, after I graduate.



Victoria Thatte's Homepage

nancy.jpgnanc_babyNancy Ward

I am a third year graduate student in the linguistics department. I am particularly interested in how infants learn to process the languages that they are exposed to. Currently, I am working on two projects. In the first, I am looking at how infants are affected by limited exposure to a second language. In the second, I am testing how the visual cues affect infant perception of speech. I hope to one day be a professor of linguistics and run my own language acquisition lab.  In my spare time, I like to read, cook, and watch sports.

Nancy Ward's Homepage

Jamie White


My website.

Kristine Yu

I'm a 5th year linguistics graduate student. My current research
focus is on learning abstract sound patterns from phonetic input. I enjoy connecting empirical acquisition work with theoretical computational modeling. I have a special interest in prosody, but I am interested in all aspects of speech sounds, and also how input from the speech signal can be used to learn grammars. My future goal is to be the best scientist I can be and to never stop learning.

Kat Adams

Kat graduated from UCLA in 2010.  Currently she is a research assistant in Dr. Anne Fernald's lab at Stanford.

anishasher2Anisha Asher

My name is Anisha, and I'm a fourth year Linguistics major.  I'm interested in phonology and language acquisition.  After graduating, I plan to attend law school and earn my J.D.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading, crafts, and spending time with friends.


Shivani Bhakta Shivani Bhakta

My name is Shivani and I am a third year pursuing a Linguistics and Psychology Major with a Disability Studies Minor. My interests are in syntax and language acquisition. After getting my BA, I plan on going to graduate school to pursue Speech Pathology. My dream is work with children and assist them with their speech skills by being a speech therapist!

Ray Biel

Ray Biel

Hi, my name is Ray and I'm an undergraduate student at Hunter College in New York City, studying linguistics and translation. I'm interested in post-Saussurean structural linguistics and its influence on philosophy and literary theory, issues in transformational grammar, dialectology, and the translation of contemporary Spanish, Italian, and Japanese literary fiction and French non-fiction into English. This summer I am an undergraduate RA in the Language Acquisition Lab, aiding in the research of clitic omissions in Italian-speaking children's speech.

Breanna Breanna Blumer

Hello! My name is Breanna, and I am a third year psychology major at UCLA.  I am interested in both second language acquisition and communication disorders, and I intend to study the latter in a speech-language pathology graduate program.  When I'm not in class or at the lab, I enjoy playing the piano and tutoring at UCLA's Writing Center.  Friends, laughter, strong coffee, and a pet tortoise named Mr. Personality brighten my world.

IMG 1201 - Version 2Abigail Carlson

Hi! My name is Abby Carlson and I am a second year Linguistics major. While I'm only fluent in English and French, I'm fascinated by any language and am very interested in language acquisition. I hope to teach English abroad after college before returning for graduate school. When I'm not helping in the lab, you can find me spending time outside, soaking up the sunshine with a good book or catching up with friends over coffee. 

Grace Cheifetz Grace Cheifetz

My name is Grace Cheifetz and I'm a senior Linguistics and Spanish student with a minor in Language Teaching. I am interested in language acquisition, specifically of secondary languages and how media affects this acquisition. After graduating this coming June, I am going to teach English in France and Latin America for the next year or so. Once I return to the states, I intend to do work involving bilingual education. Outside of studying languages, I enjoy listening to music and watching movies.


Arielle2 Arielle Chen

My name is Arielle and I am a 4th year Linguistics and Asian Language and Cultures Major at UCLA. I am really interested in phonetics, speech perception and language acquisition. Things that I enjoy include hanging out with my sister, singing, ice skating, and cooking. I also love all things Disney and Harry Potter. My plan after graduating from UCLA is to enter a graduate program in Speech and Language Pathology and become a speech pathologist!

Irene Irene Chou

My name is Irene Chou, and I am a second year Linguistics and Psychology major. Currently, my main academic interests lie in communicative disorders and research in Asian languages and dialects; my career goal is to become a speech therapist. I enjoy reading, writing, playing piano and trombone, and eating. My dream is to one day travel the world!


Ana Deleon

My name is Ana Deleon and I am a fourth year Linguistics and Psychology major at UCLA. I am interested in infant language acquisition and am looking into the field of speech therapy but I would also love to become a surgeon. I like to spend my free time with friends and family discovering new things. In the near future I plan to visit a lot of places around the world.

photo 2Adriana Diaz

Hi Everyone! My name is Adriana Diaz and I'm about to be a fourth year studying Linguistics and Psychology at UCLA. I am interested in the combination of Speech Pathology and Audiology! I love backpacking around the world, and I love being out in the sun and staying active. My current goal is to learn sign language!


CaitieCaitie Epsteen

Hello! My name is Caitie and I am a fourth year Linguistics and Psychology major. I am currently interested in communication disorders and how they can be found and treated in children as they develop. My goal is to continue on at the graduate level after UCLA in hopes of becoming a speech pathologist. In my free time I love to shop and eat, especially chipotle!

ianfloro Ian Floro

Hi! My name is Ian Floro and I am a 3rd year transfer student majoring in Linguistics. Though I am just beginning my journey, foreign languages and the field of linguistics have fascinated me for some time. After graduation from UCLA, I plan to travel as much as possible and teach English abroad while learning about other languages and cultures. There's a big world out there and I want to experience as much of it as I can!

Brenda GarciaBrenda Garcia

Hi! My name is Brenda Garcia and I am a fourth year student majoring in Linguistics & Psychology and minoring in Cognitive Science. I am fascinated by both language acquisition and communication disorders and I hope to one day conduct research within these two areas. I am also very much interested in learning languages and am currently working on becoming fluent in both French and Japanese. I love reading, traveling, online shopping, and I like making desserts despite the fact that I'm not very fond of sweets.

Crystal Garcia

Hello! My name is Crystal and I am a fourth year Psychology Major with minors in Spanish Linguistics and Disability Studies. I love working with children and want to make an impact in the their life! I am fascinated by children’s speech and language development, which has led me to want to pursue a career in speech-language pathology. Specifically, I am interested in the language acquisition of bilingual children who are of low socioeconomic status. Some of my hobbies are playing sports, going to the movies and shopping!


Marissa GeerMarissa Baby Marissa Geer


Hey! I'm Marissa, a fourth year studying Linguistics and English. I have taken classes in Spanish, German, and Greek, and I've always had a passion for English. Besides that, I'm somewhat of an artistic junkie who digs classic literature, music, Transformers, dinosaurs, and zombies. My academic interests include speech therapy, as well as teaching English.

16864_1245637174866_1047480033_30652153_7681515_n-1 Tania Gennell

My name is Tania and I am graduating with a B.A. in Linguistics this summer. I am extremely interested in bilingualism, having grown up bilingual myself. I am also particularly interested in language change, specifically within the Romance Languages as well as within the many regional languages/dialects in Spain. I hope to pursue a Masters or PhD involving languages and linguistics after some work experience abroad.

kaylawebsitepic Kayla Gogarty

My name is Kayla and I am a third year in the Linguistics department. I love traveling (especially to Central and South America to practice my Spanish!), and I am working on learning Sign Language this summer. My linguistic interests lie mainly in phonetics and language acquisition, and after receiving my BA from UCLA, I plan on attending a graduate program to become a Speech & Language Therapist. My goal is to own my own comprehensive learning center in San Francisco in the future!


Angelica Angelica Gonzalez

Hello, my name is Angelica! I am a fourth year Spanish and Linguistics major. I am fascinated by children and believe there is much to be learned from them, that is why I chose to be a Research Assistant at the UCLA Language Lab. I am particularly interested in language development in infants from English-Spanish bilingual families. After I graduate from undergrad at UCLA, I plan to go on to grad school and pursue a career as a speech-language pathologist. Some of my hobbies include hiking, running, and eating!



fiona_babypicFiona Hay

My name is Fiona Hay, I am a third year Linguistics and Psychology major, and I am also planning on double majoring in Russian Language and Literature. I am trained to test the babies in the HPP Lab. I am most interested in language acquisition, second language learning, and bilingualism. After graduating, I plan on going to graduate school to study speech pathology and communication disorders to become a speech pathologist.


Julie Hicks Julie Hicks

My name is Julie, and I am a senior Linguistics and Psychology major at UCLA. I love learning new languages and someday I hope to put my language skills to good use in traveling around the world. Within the field of linguistics, I am most interested in language development, in particular language acquisition in children with language, neurological and developmental disorders. After receiving my BA, I plan on attending a Master's program in Speech Pathology and later pursuing a careeras a Speech Pathologist. My other hobbies include ballet, painting and photography.

Erin Hong

Erin Hong is a 4th year, double majoring in economics and linguistics.  In the future, she would like to pursue higher education by earning a MBA or perhaps going to grad school for Linguistics. Erin recently returned from studying abroad in South Korea and is now preparing to study in China.  Go Erin!

Stephanie_Jacobsonstephanie_babypicStephanie Jacobson

My name is Stephanie and I am a Linguistics major with a minor in Spanish.  I find language learning enthralling, and I have also taken classes in Japanese, Kichwa, Swedish, and Russian. Within Linguistics, I am particularly interested in acoustics, phonetics, and phonology and their application to language acquisition and neurolinguistics. I plan to pursue graduate study in linguistics to better understand these topics.


Spencer Lin

Hi, my name is Spencer and I am a third year Linguistics and Computer Science major at UCLA. Besides working and playing with computers, I enjoy learning new languages. After my studies, I want to help people communicate and learn languages more easily through technology. My other hobbies include playing the piano, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and going to basketball games.

Alvaro Luna

Alvaro worked in the lab from January 2009 to November of 2010. He is currently a fourth year Linguistics major and French minor and a Ronald E. McNair Scholar. Currently, he is writing his senior thesis on a linguistic ethnography of a French-speaking community in Los Angeles. Alvaro is also an officer of Le Cercle Francophone de UCLA, a research assistant in a Zapotec language study, and a free-lance translator in English, Spanish and French. His interests are in sociolinguistics, particularly in the Spanish-speaking world and immigrant communities in the USA and France.  Alvaro will be graduating this Spring.


Leanna Maaz

Hello! My name is Leanna Maaz and I am junior majoring in Linguistics and Psychology here at UCLA.  I am fascinated by how effective and rapidly childrenproficiently learn and use new languages at such a young age. I am interested in studying second language acquisition and would like to promote the importance of a second language curriculum at the Elementary School level. I enjoy cake decorating, traveling, soccer, and any kind of ice cream! My goal is to teach English abroad to children all over the world! 

IMG 1906Mackenzie Malerstein

Hi! My name is Mackenzie Malerstein and I am a fourth year Linguistics major at UCLA. I am interested in communicative disorders, and I aspire to become a speech pathologist to help both children and adults. When I am not at the Language Lab, I can be found working at the Biomedical Library or tutoring UCLA employees in ESL. My free time is spent petting my dogs, watching Netflix, and going to Disneyland! 


Christina Mendoza

Hello! My name is Christina and I'm a third year Linguistic and Psychology major. I am interested in child development and communication disorders.  I plan to study communication disorders in a graduate program and one day become a speech pathologist. When I'm not at the Language Lab, I'm working at Powell Library's circulation desk. I have an unfortunate fear of birds. I LOVE reading, you can often find me attached to my Kindle. I like cupcakes, TLC marathons and girl power.


4898603803_680abe9d1c Dulce Montoya

Hi, my name is Dulce and I am a first year transfer student at UCLA. My major is Applied Linguistics with a minor in Civic Engagement. I grew up in Mexico City and came to the United States when I was 19. I am interested in Genderlects and Second Language Acquisition. After I graduate with my BA I plan to apply to a PhD. program in Language, Culture, and Society. One of my hobbies is playing music so in my free time, I enjoy making noise with my Jarana (a unique guitar with indigenous and African influences from Veracruz, Mexico) and dancing to all kinds of rhythms.


Natalie Natalie Motamedi-Rad

My name is Natalie and I am a third year Applied Linguistics Major and French Minor. My interests lie in language acquisition, but primarily in second language acquisition. After receiving my BA from UCLA, I plan on going to graduate school to pursue a degree in Speech Pathology. My dream is to one day be a Speech Pathologist and get to work with kids all day!

Michael Paul Michael Paul

My name is Michael Paul, and I am a third-year Electrical Engineering major and Linguistics minor at UCLA. I am interested in research and job opportunities that make use of both of these fields. I find learning languages exciting; I have some familiarity with Spanish, Tagalog, and German. I also enjoy learning geography, watching game shows, and listening to soft rock music (mostly from the 80's).

Katie Redderson-Lear Katie Redderson-Lear

Hi! My name is Katie, and I'm a fourth year Chinese and Linguistics major at UCLA. I'm interested in Asian languages (and hope to learn more of them!) as well as bilingualism and child language acquisition. After graduating, I'm planning to go to Taiwan to teach English, then attend graduate school in linguistics. I love learning languages and traveling, and my hobbies include photography, baking, running, and reading.

floppicflorBabyPic Flor Reyes

My name is Flor and I am a senior in the Linguistics department with a specialization in general Linguistics and French Language and Culture. I am one of the Spanish-speaking research assistants for the Language Lab. My academic interests lie in the studies of Phonology, Syntax, and Language Acquisition. I enjoy drawing syntax trees, spending time with my friends, traveling extensively, and hoping for a bright future as an ESL teacher all over the world!

                                             p.s. I love Linguistics!

Meredith Rogers

Meredith graduated in June 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Linguistics and French. She is attending the Monterey Institute of International Studies to earn her master's degree in Translation and Interpretation, hoping to one day be a conference interpreter for the United Nations.


Kelly Ryan Kelly Ryan

My name is Kelly Ryan, and I am a fourth year Linguistics and Psychology major with a minor in Cognitive Science. My research interests lie in phonology and language acquisition. I plan on attending graduate school next year in a bilingual English-Spanish Speech Pathology Program, and I aspire to work in a hospital or rehabilitation center so that I can help pediatric patients who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries or diseases. Aside from being a research assistant in the Language Acquisition Lab, I also help out at the UCLA Medical Center Speech Pathology Clinic and I recently worked as a volunteer clinician and translator for a non-profit medical organization in Nicaragua.

Svetlana Tchistiakova

Svetlana graduated in June of 2010 with a B.A in Linguistics.  Svetlana is interested in teaching English in Japan.

Morgan TFelt

I’m a Linguistics major interested in first and second language acquisition, and I hope to conduct research in these areas. I enjoy learning new languages and then traveling to countries where that language is spoken. Currently, I'm working to become fluent in Mandarin.

IMG 1817 9Alejandra Vindas

Hello, my name is Alejandra Vindas and I am a third year UCLA student majoring in Linguistics and Spanish with a specialization in Computing. My goal is to become a speech-language pathologist, with an emphasis on providing services for individuals who have trouble with anything along the lines of swallowing or functions related to the upper aerodigestive tract. I enjoy observing individuals from different Latin-American countries speak Spanish. I also want to travel to Costa Rica when I finish graduate school to do volunteer work in order to provide my assistance as well as understand and gain experience working with individuals who are primarily Spanish speakers. 

Hadley2.0 Hadley Vogt

Hello, world! My name is Hadley. I am a senior studying Linguistics and English. I recently returned from New Zealand, where I contributed research to the Dictionary of New Zealand English and examined the phonetic differences between New Zealand English /r/ and Canadian English /r/. I am currently conducting research of /l/ and /r/ acquisition in toddlers, specifically the phonetic differences that exist between adult and child production. I enjoy dancing, bike riding, and visiting Disneyland as often as possible.


Helen Yuan Helen Yuan

My name is Helen and I am a Linguistics and Psychology major. My interest is in language acquisition and syntax. I enjoy watching anime and collecting pins. I became a Linguistics major to follow my passion, so I am still unsure about my career after I graduate. I have much researching to do, but for now I am going with the flow.


sophiasophia_babypic Sophia Alena Weiner-Light

My name is Sophia and I am a first year at UCLA. I am undeclared but I am looking into linguistics and psychology. I also plan to minor in Spanish as I am very interested in foreign language and travel. Aside from learning and traveling, I love playing sports, watching movies, doing art, and spending time with friends.